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The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen participates in the Rotary World Help Network under the leadership of Tom Smith. This exceptionally efficient and effective organization gives Tsawwassen Rotarians a way to provide funds and make hands on contributions to communities in need around the world.


The RWHN accumulates surplus medical, educational and humanitarian supplies from across BC for shipment to countries in need. Most items are medical supplies from hospitals, nursing homes and hospital suppliers.


Volunteers including many retired nurses sort and pack the medical equipment and supplies in boxes for shipment. Each box is marked with a scanable label to permit tracking the items during loading. This permits the efficient production of a shipping manifest showing both box numbers and content description.


When sufficient supplies have been accumulated and matched with a community's needs the call goes out to for Rotary volunteers. A 40 foot long shipping container is placed at the warehouse on the Riverview Hospital site. Then in 2 to 4 hours of intense activity on a Saturday morning, Rotarian's fill the container.


In 2006 the 38 supporting Rotary Clubs sent out 22 containers to 14 countries. In the 10 years of RWHN operation, 208 shipments with a replacement value of over $70 million have gone to 46 countries.

Visit the RWHN website to learn more, click HERE.