Details of the awards given at the President's Ball June 3, 2006



This year the awards committee was made up of PP's Dave and Garry, and me.  We met by internet, and reviewed the criteria we would use, including a point system in the event of a stalemate (there wasn't one.) 


Unfortunately, two of the four recipients were unable to attend the President's Ball.  We went ahead anyway.  Both Garry and Eleanor Calderwood graciously received there awards, and were giving standing O's by the throng.  Margot Tuttle was present to present the Bruce Tuttle Rotarian of the Year award, which was accepted on Bob Hughe's behalf by Tom Smith.  We would like to make personal presentations to Rick and Bob when we can get everyone to the same meeting.


The following are from my notes for the presentation:


Rick Lewall (1st PHF)


Rick doesn't make a lot of noise, he just does things.  Came in and managed the TV Auction when our former leader got taken away on business.  With Carleen ran Operation Red Nose.  And has done a yeoman job with the Adventures programs.  Lot of work, trying to market those programs.  At last count, we sent one student to Ottawa, and have three more going to Courtenay for the two week music program.  We've had one kid back out, and two more late applicants, so we are probably down a little from last year, but not for lack of trying.  This is the sort of effort Rick has put into our club every year since he joined, and for that our club is awarding him with a PHF.


Garry Shearer (1st PHF)


It is customary for our club to also honour our past president with a PHF.  But as far as I am concerned Garry gets one anyway for what he has done THIS year, let alone last.  Rotary teaches that each president, as well as trying to be the best president the club has had, should also try to set the stage so that his successor can in turn be the best ever president.  Garry did that for me.  He left me a healthy, active, engaged and well run club with few serious problems.  But more than that, he went out to ensure success during my year as well.  He was an active member of our Board:  apparently he'd never heard the rumour that the PP's role is that of an honorary retiree.  Garry and did not always agree on policy or direction, though I believe we share the same ultimate goals.  But he brought a business like approach to our board which I greatly appreciated. 


And through his tireless work for the Wine and Art Gala, Garry ensured that we came through this year with a balanced budget.  At the beginning, this had the makings of a tough year financially.  We had used up the surpluses accumulated during the fat years of the ACC ticket sales.   We had more programs than ever, all requiring increasing levels of funding.  We had committed ourselves to an expensive multiyear project in Rotary Square.  And I wanted to avoid wasting our time and energy in trying new unproven fundraising initiatives.   Garry brought the Wine Gala in ahead of revenue projection, and put this year to bed financially. 


Garry, thanks so much for all your advice and guidance this year.  Now take a rest!


Eleanor Calderwood  (2nd PHF)


Our last club PHF goes to the person who most helped me to make it through this year.  It can get crazy, this job, and we all need someone to remind us that we are sane, and will survive.  My sounding board, crying towel and fount of wisdom was Eleanor Calderwood.  Which is not why she is receiving a PHF.


Eleanor has worked tirelessly on behalf of our youth exchange students since she joined our club.  She has been host mother to Fred â¿¢ what do you think of his hair now, Eleanor?  Be careful what you wish for â¿¢ Malcolm, for six months, Claire, Christina and Miki.  That is a huge job as many of you know.  She also has been active with our short term program â¿¢ which sends more kids than any other club in the District â¿¢ and with our RYLA awards program.  Eleanor, for all you do, this Paul's for you!


2005 - 2006 recipient of the Bruce Tuttle Rotarian of the Year Award:


Mr. Bob Hughes


I don't think I need to do much more than say our recipient's name, and you can write the thank you speech for me.  Bob Hughes.  What a gentleman!


RI set us a task this year:  EREY, to raise one hundred dollars US per member for the Rotary Foundation, and make that contribution every year.  Bob did that, by hook, by crook, by rewarding us, bullying us, challenging us, tirelessly and pleasantly.  He just never stopped until he got us to and over the target. 


As of March 23, 2006, 30 members have donated a total of US$8,400.00.  Based on 75 members that works out to be $112.00 per capita. In comparison June 2005 the per capita was US$21.43. That's an increase of 522%.Plus the club's weekly contribution ($5K Canadian per year) which should be added.

Bob has done a lot more than that.  He and Gwenda have been regular attendees at almost all of our social events.  He's been to Foundation seminars and training programs on the clubs behalf.  And he's just a really charming guy to be around. 

Bob is our fourth receipient of this award, following Bruce himself, Dean Clarke, and Marilyn Rafter.


Honourable Mentions were given to


  • Jill Moore: for the challenge she makes to all of us to support Alliance for Smiles, and to follow in her footsteps.
  • Tom Smith, for going to District 5040 as the World Community Service rep for Richmond and South Delta.
  • The Social Committee and chair Marianne: for the creative and professional job they did of arranging each and every social function of the year.  The bar has been raised!
  • Chuck Lipp: for running interference for me on food issues and helping us get smoothly through the change of price and menu.
  • Earle Nind: for signing on to the Club Runner idea with ease and enthusiasm.
  • Laura Collison, for teaching me that yes, there could be life after Ed.
  • Greg Condon and Alex Tappert for giving everything they could to Rotary. 
  • And Dave Lay and Roger Pryke for being the real stars of our meetings.


Thanks, all of you, for helping to move our club forward.