Dave Hamilton led us in O Canada . Garry Shearer presented the Invocation.

Visiting Rotarians
Mary Clark (Capri Kelowna)    Mike Tindall (Kalamalka Vernon)    Linda Cran (Ladner)

Saundra (wife of President Peter)   Laretta Hansen (Murray Lott)

Special Occasions  Jill Moore
           Birthday          Mary Watson  July 6
           Anniversaries   Edwin Lee July 4    Sherrie Jamieson July 9 (25 yrs)     Belinda Guite July 8 (1yr)

Sunshine Report   Diane Forward 
Reported on Henk's sore finger. No information on how this came to be.

Environmental Report  Kathleen Beaton
Informed us of the Earthwise initiative on buying food that is produced locally. More info to come.
Bee Garden is being constructed. Rotarians needed to help on Saturday morning June 13.

Beer Garden Shane TodHunter
Tour de Delta happening this week-end. Our beer garden will be set up Sunday at the finish line at the Secondary school. Volunteers to contact Shane or Alex.
This is a fund raiser with all of the beer being supplied at $0 cost to us by Central City Brewing thanks to Murray Lott.


District Governor Garry introduced this year's new board in an inspiring ceremony.
Peter Dueck        President
President Elect    Wayne Connorton
Vice President     Tom Smith
Secretary            Keith Dinwoodie
Treasurer            Dan McGrath
Foundation          John Charbonneau
Community          Shane Todhunter
Fund Raising        Christian Rode
International        Jeff Peters
Youth                  Kathleen Beaton
Sgt a Arms           Roger Pryke
Membership         Paul Arcand
Public Relations    Vickie Sangster
Club Admin.         David Lay