Tom Bearss former Canadian diplomat and now president of the Delta Naturalist Society presented an outline of the Bird Strategy Plan for Delta
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Marlene Findlay introduced our guest speaker Tom Bearss, President of the Delta Naturalist Society and spokesman for the birds in the area. Tom is now a resident of Delta after serving in the foreign affairs department as a diplomat that took him to various posts in the US as well as Trinidad and Tobago and eventually to Ottawa. Since his retirement he has taken a serious interest in the conservation and preservation of wildlife and in the development of a birds and biodiversity strategy for Delta.
The City of Vancouver has recently released a 37 page document describing its city's birding strategy . It involves everything from descriptions on the building of houses and especially windows that have birds' safety in mind to the control of cat behaviour. Delta,however with all of its species and numbers of is, in fact, the prime birding spot in Canada with  Boundary Bay, the Reifel sanctuary and Roberts Bank as natural habitats. Being the home to over 250 species the area is recognized world wide.
A major conference on bird strategy is being planned for Vancouver in 2018. The Delta Naturalist society expects to play an important role in this event. Tom then outlined Delta's bird strategy
The birds and biodiversity strategy's goal is to identify, protect and enhance biodiversity in Delta with particular emphasis on bird life. The strategy objectives include:
  1. identifying and protecting the habitat
  2. enhancing the habitat
  3. creating awareness and access to nature
  4. reducing the threats to bird life
  5. promoting  local bird tourism
  6. identifying and fostering leadership partners
Tom provided additional information while answering questions:
  •  -Delta council has given its unequivocal support
  •  -In the last 30 years eagles have made a comeback
  •  -At the Xmas count 140 species were reported
James Latheron recognized Tom by making a number of bird/flight references in thanking him.