At the April 2, 2009 Tsawwassen Rotary meeting Nick Loenen will make a brief presentation on the proposed BC Single Transferable Vote and lead a discussion on this fundamental change being considered for the BC voting system. The STV could change the course of history for British Columbia and directly affect every citizen. The pros and cons of such a serious and fundamental change needs careful and informed consideration. The deciding vote will be the May 12, 2009 referendum.

Nick Loenen, co-founder of Fair Voting BC, an organization of citizens dedicated to changing the way British Columbians elect MLAs, will make a 10 minute presentation followed by an extended Q&A session.

Nick has written extensively on voting system reform and is a former Richmond City Councilor (1983-87) and former Member of the British Columbia Legislature (1986-91). He obtained his Masters Degree in political science from UBC in 1995 and taught British Columbia Governance and Politics in 2006 and 2007.

The introductory presentation describes why you should consider changing the current system, the proposed changes and how it would work for the proposed Richmond/Delta riding.

Link to the pro BC STV site:

Link to the con BC STV site: