Rotary Club of Tsawwassen Extends its Gleaning Programme
For the past year or so, the Club has gleaned unsaleable potatoes from Felix Farms, courtesy of Peter Guichon, for distribution through the Delta Food Coalition to needy families in our community, and has recently extended this programme to the bi-weekly collection of Tomatoes from Houwelling Nurseries Glass houses. These are being distributed to worthy recipients through Earthwise Gardens and Tsawwassen Kincentre.
The Gleaning programme is now being further extended to harvesting unwanted and excess fruit in neighbourhood backyards, and Club members have been asked to distribute flyers advertising this programme to potential households in their locale. This fruit harvesting provides many benefits to many people, including the fruit growers as is described in the attached flyer.
If you know of anyone in your neighbourhood who may have surplus fruit (or vegetables) please provide them with a copy of this flyer and ask them to contact the Club at the phone / email address provided. 
Tsawwassen Rotary Club appreciates the generosity of those individuals and companies who donate fruit and vegetables to allow this programme to prosper.
Watch out for further information on this initiative in the local press!