Last week I sat down with Soap Box Derby Chair Wayne Connorton to ask him about the upcoming Inaugural Soap Box Derby, what they had planned and to tell me more about the event. 
Dan: Hi Wayne, first thing question I have for you is why did you and your team decide to host a Soap Box Derby here in Tsawwassen?
Wayne: Our Rotary Club is always looking for opportunities to give back to Tsawwassen. A small group in the club were trying to think up new or at least interesting/exciting ideas that have not been done here for a long time. Eureka! – Why not a soapbox derby?! Presented by Rotary and Delta. Sponsored by local companies and raced by young kids. We presented the idea to Delta, and they were ready to back us 100%.
Dan: What’s your Clubs experience hosting such an event?
Wayne: Our Rotary Club has not been involved in the past, but a couple of local people are helping us who have played an important role when this event was on 4th Ave in Vancouver. Additionally, we contacted a couple of other Rotary Clubs in distant locations to get their advice. We’re confident this event will be one of the best yet.
Dan: Why do you think an event like this will be successful here in Tsawwassen?
Wayne: We know it will be a great success because of the local support we’re receiving. It’s been overwhelming to see how many sponsors and drivers can’t wait to get involved. Also, when we went out to advise those living on 6th Ave, their response was all positive and seemed to be looking forward to it.
Dan: Who are your ideal racers?
Wayne: This race is for the kids of Delta. They get to build something, and race it legally. We can cheer for our children, our grandchildren, and our neighbours ‘children. The ideal participant will be boys and girls aged 9 to 12 years old wanting to build a cart, race it, and have a sponsor willing to help purchase and build it with them.
Dan: What should people expect to see when they come out to the Derby?
Wayne: Look out for 6th Ave in Tsawwassen being used for our kids to compete. Lots of coloured carts fashioned by kids, Kelly Latrimoille of 104.3 FM announcing competitors and winners, Delta Police, Delta Fire and the Corporation of Delta going head to head. Families will compete against families and companies against companies. It’s going to be a great day!
Dan: How many racers are taking part, and how many spectators are you and your team expecting?
Wayne: This is the inaugural event, and we will have close to 40 carts racing. The number of spectators at this point would only be a guess, but we’re expecting close to 500.
Dan: If you could describe this event in one word, what would it be?

Wayne: Not one word, but “A Fun Kick in the Pants” for everyone.
Dan: How will the winner of the Inaugural Soap Box Derby be determined?
Wayne: The winner will be determined by runoffs of carts three at a time with each cart getting at least three runs. There will be finals at the end in the case of Ties. Also imagination of the drivers/builders and Sponsors will have the opportunity to be chosen as a “Crowd Favourite” through decorating or modifying the upper appearance of the carts.
Dan: Any last remarks?
Wayne: Please join us June 4th on 6th Ave in Tsawwassen for Race Day. The first race will be at 10 AM sharp. Please walk or bicycle to the event will help lessen congestion.
Dan: Thanks Wayne, I can’t wait to see what you and your team have in store for Saturday, June 4th.
Wayne: All the best.