Through the efforts of Rotarian Jill Moore over 2,000 K to Grade 8 Tsawwassen students will experience an imaginative and high energy anti bullying program. With the assistance of the Interact Club the elementary students will be bussed to SDSS for one of the three October 26 concerts. The report was published in the Oct. 20, 2007 Delta Optimist.
The Delta Optimist - Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kindness Rocks counters violence and bullying by inspiring youth to take kind and positive action on a daily basis.

Three 75-minute concerts will be held on Friday, Oct. 26 to teach the importance of individual contributions to the world.

Students will receive wristbands boasting the word "kindness" in nine languages at the upbeat concerts. Whenever they commit an act of kindness, students will switch their bracelet to the other wrist to positively reinforce the kind action.

The tragic tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004 struck when Vancouver-based tribute group ABBA Cadabra was touring in Penang, Malaysia. Despite being chest high in water, Jonas Falle, Kylee Epp, Jeanette O'Keeffe and Ryan Langivan survived unscathed and were inspired to use their high-energy show for more than just entertainment.

Now they add strength and impact to the positive kindness message of author and speaker Brock Tully. The focus on youth depends on the students to carry the positive messages of social responsibility, self-esteem, compassion, individuality, personal empowerment and imagination to their family and community.

The Kindness Rocks cast and crew of 15 puts on a state-of-the-art production. The program captivates the kids through the power of music, entertainment and laughter.

Kids are taught ways to find true personal power and to feel in charge of their life without hurting themselves or anyone else.

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