LNG in Delta
David Bennett
Director of Communications
Fortis BC
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Ian Bourhill introduced David Bennett the director of communications and external relations for Fortis BC. David has been with the organization for 25 years in various roles including customer service,energy efficiency, business development, marketing and gas supply. He is a graduate of the University of Victoria and currently lives in Surrey.
Most people only think of Fortis BC when they receive their monthly bill but who knows that:
 .it services 1.1 million customers
 .it employs 2200 citizens in BC
 .it is a 100% Canadian company headquartered in Newfoundland
 .it is in the forefront in responding to climate change in BC with a plan that:
       -controls the demand side of the energy needs
       -is encouraging and developing geothermal heating and cooling of buildings
       -is recapturing methane from landfills to create useable biogas
Bill then explained the use of fracking to capture the gas out of the ground and the safety features that are employed in the process. He concluded his presentation with a description of the LNG storage facility expansion at our own Tilbury Island. Natural gas is now being used to power trucks and busses. The newest ferries are also being moved from dirty diesel to natural gas with the dock at Tilbury playing a big part in the eventual powering of the entire shipping industry. 
After a lively question answer session Bill was thanked by Steve Totzke for the informative session that clarified some of the public concerns that are a part of this changing industry.