The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen is pleased to participate in an international project to help those in need. Rotary Path to Health supports the delivery of primary health care to thousands of rural poor in Zimbabwe through a collaboration of Rotary clubs in Canada and Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.
The project was initiated in 2008 by a Zimbabwe-Canadian and, as a result of detailed planning and risk mitigation, has been very successful in providing basic medical equipment and medicines to several health centres in rural Zimbabwe. While the health care and other needs of rural Zimbabweans are almost unlimited, Path to Health has concluded that the most advantageous use of its limited resources is by narrowly focusing on the provision of basic medical equipment and medicines.

Below is a sample of the images you will see on the website dedicated to the project and where you can find more information by clicking the following link Rotary Path to Health

Path To Health Village Orphans

Path To Health

Village Orphans
Map of Zimbabwe
Map of Zimbabwe