The donation of the final $10,000 to the Boys And Girls Club new bus fund is reported in the Deltal Optimist.
The Delta Optimist

"I love this bus," yelled Aden Schooley as he jumped off the new Boys and Girls Club bus outside the Winskill Club last Friday afternoon in Tsawwassen.

The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen contributed the final $10,000 needed to reach the $70,000 goal to purchase the bus.

"Supporting such an excellent service is what we are about," said Rotarian Peter Dandyk as he handed the donation to Boys and Girls Club executive director Sandra Gebhardt.

Club directors knew they had the room, proven programs and activities with quality supervision, but reliability concerns with the old, smaller bus were an issue.

"It took some time to happen, but now we have a safe and reliable way to serve more youth and families," said Gebhardt. "It fills a gap in service so many more boys and girls can be picked up."

Rotarian Ed Lye said the money was raised through the TV auction held every fall.

"The great community support it gets allows us to meet this kind of need," said Lye.

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