Diefenbaker Park
The Rotary Water Component

The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, in partnership with the Corporation of Delta, plans to build a Children's water play area, wading pond, meandering stream with bridge and pathways to enhance the existing facilities at Diefenbaker Park.  This natural area will be one to be enjoyed by all ages, whilst reflecting on the history of the site and the effects of Rotary's worldwide commitment to clean water for all.  We hope to complete this project in the Fall of 2011.

Our vision is to not only provide a wonderful new addition to our local Diefenbaker Park in the form of a stream and children's water play area, but also to incorporate aspects of Rotary and it's participation in World Water programs, particularly in third world countries, as an educational component of the project.

Water is essential in sustaining life on our planet and clean safe water is paramount to supporting healthy communities.  Water can also provide comfort, soothe and heal our bodies and minds with the sounds of a trickling brook or cascading waterfall.  It can also provide recreation and physical activity when used in playful activities.

The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen has an opportunity to create a place in our community that will educate people of all ages on how less fortunate communities throughout the world lack access to essential clean water and what Rotary is doing to change that. We have the opportunity and vision to include a stream, waterfalls, trees and serene landscapes to soothe the mind and body.

We also have the opportunity to provide children a place to play and in doing so, they may learn how kids their age physically pump and carry their water for survival each day. We intend to include a working model of a hand pump commonly found in underdeveloped nations. Further, we intend to provide a working model of a BioSand water filter, invented in Calgary and used extensively throughout the third world by Rotary and other humanitarian organizations in order to provide clean filtered water to the people. Photos of women & children carrying water in plastic jerry cans would correspond to an actual jerry can attached to the display, enabling all to fill it and experience the heavy weight that people have to carry and walk long distances each day.   Storyboards relating to these endeavours will be featured in the Rotary WaterWorks project.  We plan to include some historical information about the park site as well, using photos from the Delta Museum & Archives which relate to the park components.

Rotary WaterWorks will be the feature area of Diefenbaker Park and will deliver all these things plus more to our community. This park will truly become a destination amenity as it will be a one of a kind design, most of  which can be accessed all throughout the year for the enjoyment of our citizens.    We appreciate your support of this project.   

WaterWorks Artist's Rendition