And the birds love us for it.

On Saturday, 23rd March, a large group of Rotarians, partners and even some offspring, assembled at O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) to provide some much needed Spring Cleaning. There the hard-working bunch power-washed, gardened, painted and even attacked a daunting assembly of brambles, all with the intention of making the grounds look attractive for the open house scheduled for next month.


There was plenty to do for everyone from picking weeds to applying a much needed coat of paint to hauling the brambles, weeds and other pickings to the large skip. Those who couldn't or didn't feel up to the physical labours helped out in other ways. Refreshments including coffee, cookies, muffins and a sumptuous lunch were donated by some and served up by other Rotarians to sustain the rest of the group.

And did we mention that the weather gods heard our pleas? All of this was done under beautifully sunny skies, neither too hot nor too cold and nice and dry. Apart from the power washers of course.

Hats off has to go to Claire Anderson, one of the intrepid power washers who "immersed herself in her task." I think she went through at least two changes of her outer layers! Well done and thank you Claire.

What a truly great and "Engaged" club we are.

For more information on O.W.L. visit their website at