Excerpts from recent communications from two former exchange students, Lise Nielsen and Cris Madrid
Lise said ..... I can now call myself Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a nice A on my final project. I have continued in the masters program. I also started playing golf again. It is really great to get out there again. Now I really know how much I missed it. And I joined Rotaract here in Odense. Love Lise....... And Cris said.... After Canada I finished high school. Then I finished my Massage Course, so that makes me a Therapeutic in SPA. I moved to Mérida. Mérida is over 300 years, totally opposite than Cancun. People is more cultural and traditional. I'm planning to go to Madrid Spain, next year, as a University Exchange. Cris⿦ Your Mexicanita Friend ?