On Saturday Aug. 18/07 a Rotary work party of 18 had fun while cleaning the pond at Centennial Beach Park. To see a photo essy showing the fun as well as invention of the wheel click HERE ! Full story, click

Centennial Park Muck Up or Rotarians Remove Rubbish


Ducks scattered Saturday morning as local business owners, managers and professionals launched a boat in the pond at CentennialBeachPark. It was a Rotary work party cleaning the pond behind the concession building of trash, brush and weeds. The good humor of the men and women made the activity seem more like fun than hard work.


"Whenever we get together there are lots of laughs", said Rotary Club Vice President Gerry Beltgens. "Grey skies and the mud don't get in the way."


"What can you expect when you put men, mud and a boat together?" laughed Rotarian Gail McEwan while getting the essentials ready for the BBQ lunch that followed the work.


"Its great that Rotary is doing this," commented neighboring resident Richard Stewart as he joined in to help the 18 Rotarians.


Local residents proposed the cleanup and found both Rotary and the park staff receptive. "We appreciate the Rotary help", said Kevin Shantz of GVRD Park Operations. He directed the cutting of brush and provided the boat and trash bin while Rotarians contributed the work party and fun.


Enough debris was collected to fill two bins so during the week GVRD staff will load and remove the second bin.

At the end of the day the ducks were back to look over the tidy pond that visitors can now safely and comfortably approach.