A traditional Chinese medicne specialist preparing for a business trip to Harbin, China learned of Jill Moore's Alliance For Smiles trip through the media. When the Vancouver Centennial Rotarian decided to contact her while in China it radically changed his trip.

Yesterday (Sept. 10/07), Jill Moore of Tsawwassen Rotary met a Canadian ally in Harbin, China. It happened because Vancouver's Quentin Li learned of the Alliance for Smiles mission from media reports while preparing for a business trip to the same city. Quentin, a traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist and Vancouver Centennial Rotarian soon found his trip got much more complicated.


As a dental hygienist, Jill is well practiced in providing conventional dental care and education including teaching kids and parents how to care for teeth. In Harbin professional lines get blurred as everyone willing to contribute is welcomed to every aspect of patient care. So Jill assists in surgeries as well as recovery and prep work to meet the grueling schedule of over 20 operations a day.


In like manner the offer to help from Quentin was eagerly accepted and he was soon pressed into intense service. He is now committing all the time he can spare to the mission using his fluency in Chinese and English as well as his intimate knowledge of both cultures to provide help. In the intense environment his willing hands are called into action for every aspect of the patient care as he assists the 32 person team in many of the 146 planned surgeries.


When Jill returns to Tsawwassen a full update will be provided.


Accompanying pictures of Jill and Quentin were taken earlier today (Sept 11/07) and provided by Quentin Li:

Alliance For Smiles update:
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